Who We Are

Monica McCoy, a highly sought-after business strategist, consultant, author, and award-winning global speaker, founded Monica Motivates in 2017.

Monica Motivates is your strategic global ally, dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive in our diverse world. We’re not just consultants; we are catalysts for transformation.

What We Offer

We offer DEI strategy excellence via cutting-edge tech solutions that garner workforce engagement, retention, and supplier diversity synergy.

We firmly believe that businesses carry a dual responsibility – not only to generate financial value but also to contribute to social betterment. With offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, London, and Singapore, we aim to turn diversity from a passive concept into an active strategic advantage globally.

Our trademarked programs have garnered international attention. We work with Global Fortune 500 companies and organizations, including Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Porsche, The Coca-Cola Company, Cisco, Santander Consumer USA, Alabama Power Company, the Atlanta Hawks, Georgia Tech, Emory University, and many others.

We invite you to partner with us on the path to a future where diversity is acknowledged, embraced, celebrated, and harnessed for unparalleled success.

Embark on this journey with us towards a more inclusive and prosperous tomorrow.

Our Leadership Team

Monica McCoy
CEO & Founder

Caroline Reed
Caroline Reed
Chief of Staff & Operations Director
Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Marketing Manager

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