Before beginning to discover your purpose, it is critical that you prepare for this change. This means taking time to be alone and really reflect about what you truly enjoy doing. While embarking on my journey to full-time entrepreneurship, I prepared by allowing myself time to understand my purpose and journey outside of my job.

Make The Commitment to Yourself

I committed to taking time off at the beginning and end of the year to figure out my purpose. I determined what I wanted to do and who I wanted to impact. I found time by taking a vacation day and spending the day reflecting, discovering, and for me praying. For you, it could be meditation or quiet time. During this time, it is critical that you avoid all distractions inclusive of your electronics.

Determine Where You Want to Make an Impact

For example, you may currently have a career in supply chain and want to pivot to sales. You might be an intrapreneur looking to transition to full-time entrepreneurship. Possibly, you are an entrepreneur looking to pivot to another industry. The key is to identify what your purpose is and prepare to make a change this year.

What Brings You Joy and Fulfillment?

Start reflecting on your childhood and think about what you enjoyed doing. Most of us dreamed big during this time because we had time to reflect and truly think about what made us happy. We are going to do a deeper dive on this next week.

During the preparation phase, I want you to implement the following three items over the next couple of weeks:

1) Block a half day to spend with yourself reflecting on what you truly enjoy doing and what you do not enjoy doing.

2) Identify your natural strengths at to take a free personality assessment

3) Block the first hour of each morning to do one thing that moves you closer to your purpose

Reflect on the following quote and take action to pivot to your purpose.

“You are the hero in your life. And now it is the time to embark on the hero’s journey…pivot to your purpose.” -Monica Motivates

Cheers to Preparing,

Monica McCoy

Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC