Beat Back Self-Doubt and Stake Your Claim


Celebrate Women’s History Month . . . Beat Back Self-Doubt and Stake Your Claim Every entrepreneur needs an unwavering belief in her own ideas and capacity. When others invariably question whether your business concept has legs, or if you are the right person to carry it to fruition, you have to dig deep and know [...]

Beat Back Self-Doubt and Stake Your Claim2021-03-22T22:41:10-04:00

Overcome the One and “Lonely”


Celebrate Women’s History Month . . . Overcome the One and “Lonely” At some point in their careers, most women experience being an “only” — the only woman on a project team, in a senior leadership role, pitching investors or heading a startup. It can lead to lot of paradoxical feelings; being both ignored and [...]

Overcome the One and “Lonely”2021-03-16T00:22:56-04:00

Amplify Your Voice


Celebrate Women’s History Month . . . Amplify Your Voice From dealing with interruptions to having others take credit for your ideas or assume you are not the one in charge, gender bias is deeply ingrained and men and women alike tend to associate authority and expertise with men. We sometimes make light of the [...]

Amplify Your Voice2021-03-08T23:32:08-05:00

Embrace Difference as Your Super Power


Celebrate Women’s History Month . . . Embrace Difference as Your Super Power You might feel more at home in the entrepreneurship “club” if you were a white man, but being a bit of an outsider can be one of your greatest strengths. That difference provides a distinctive platform to build on as you tap [...]

Embrace Difference as Your Super Power2021-03-01T21:06:36-05:00
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