Many of us were reminded Sunday about how precious life is with the tragic helicopter crash involving NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven other victims. Our team continues to send prayers to all of the families impacted by this tragedy. As I reflected on the impact that Kobe made in such a short amount of time, I realized that each of us have the opportunity everyday to answer our own unique calling.

Whether you are called to be a great musician, teacher, CEO, parent, doctor, entrepreneur, etc…the key is for you not to ignore the call. One of the things that saddens me is when I see someone who has so much talent and potential, but chooses to not let the world see that natural gift. When researching why most people don’t answer the call on their life, many of the circumstances are external and not internal.  Today we will explore what separates those who answer the call on their life versus those that do not.

We Are Afraid of Failure

Have you ever dreamed of doing something great with your life, but decided to play it safe due to the potential risk of being viewed as a failure if it did not work out? Be honest with yourself. The fact is that the majority of people are more concerned about what others will think about them instead of taking a chance on themselves. This paralyzes so many of us from taking the first step to answering the call. Any successful person that has embarked on the journey to answering their call has failed many times. The key is to pick yourself up, learn from the failures and use them to propel you forward.

We Live in the Land of Someday

You may currently want to answer the call on your life, but you just have to wait for the perfect timing. The problem is that there is never a perfect time. I left my corporate career at the peak of my success to answer my calling. It seemed crazy to most people around me, but I knew that I had to follow my true north star. I have interviewed many people over the course of both my corporate and entrepreneurial journey who were completely unfulfilled with their professional journeys. Unfortunately, most of these individuals are still living in the land of ‘someday.’ Someday, they are going to stop ignoring the call to go and fulfill their authentic purpose. If you are currently doing something that you have trouble waking up each morning excited to do, it’s time to pivot to your purpose and answer your call.

We Don’t Want to Do the Hard Work

The easy thing about not answering the call on your life is that you don’t have to be disciplined. When you are doing something that causes you to step into your growth zone, you realize that you are stepping into foreign territory. Anytime that you pursue something new, it’s going to stretch you mentally and physically. You must have personal accountability. As I’ve reflected on some of Kobe Bryant’s habits over the last day, one of the things that I’m fascinated with is his incredible discipline. He woke up each day at 4 AM to prepare for his first workout. This allowed him to practice much more than the average NBA player because of his consistent discipline. Are you ready to do the hard work or are you satisfied with staying in your comfort zone?

During this time of deciding to answer your call, I want you to implement the following three items:

1) Write down the fears that are holding you back from answering your call.

2) Write a letter to your future self that has answered your calling and what that life looks like.

3) Make a commitment to post a note with a timeline to pivot to following your calling.

4) Learn more about the framework to fulfilling your purpose at

Reflect on the following quote and take action to answer your call.

“Everything has a purpose. And that purpose has a story that goes along with it. It just depends on what your passion is.” -Kobe Bryant

Cheers to Answering The Call,

Monica McCoy

Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC