What Does Your PIE Say About You?

In my profession I meet tons of people who ask me the same question, “How do I get ahead?” They don’t understand why they’ve worked so hard, for so long, and still haven’t reached the level of success they truly desire. Unfortunately, some of them believe that they are not meant to make it any further and that they should settle where they are. Settling doesn’t exactly go with hard work, but when the mark seems to be constantly missed, it looks like the best option. The only option. They have a spectator mindset. They aren’t actively doing anything to get ahead. I take my role in their life seriously, and I quickly let them know that they can transition from being a spectator to an active participant in the arena. This isn’t just about them; you don’t have to be a spectator either. All it takes to start this transformation is understanding the concept of PIE.

What is PIE? According to Harvey Coleman’s book, Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed, success is based on three key elements: Performance, Image, and Exposure (PIE). Performance represents the actual work you do on a daily basis and the results you deliver. Image is the impression that others have of you, it’s your personal brand and Exposure represents the people who get to know about your results and your image. Understanding the concept of PIE will help you understand why some people have success and others do not. The concept of PIE isn’t new, however, as crucial as it is, many are unfamiliar with it.

Take a moment to answer these questions:

  1. Do you put your best foot forward on every project you work on? Are you satisfied with the results that you deliver?
  2. Do you deliver consistent results?
  3. Do most people have a similar idea about the type of person you are and what results to expect from you?
  4. Do people know who you are and the results you deliver?

Answering these questions will give you an idea of the elements of PIE you need to work on to elevate your life. According to the study of PIE, performance accounts for 10% of what makes an individual successful. Many people are misled to believe that they only have to do a good job to get ahead. This belief causes so many to work tirelessly, only to find themselves being passed over for opportunities to grow. It’s frustrating, and will often leave them with feelings of hopelessness that will cause them to stop delivering their best work. This is always the wrong thing to do. Never stop delivering your best regardless of how you feel. When you feel like you’re giving your all and you’re not getting the recognition you desire, it may be time to start focusing on the other two elements of PIE, your Image and Exposure instead of slowing down your performance.

Your image matters. In fact, according to PIE, image accounts for 30% of the reason someone is or is not successful. How others perceive you and how you make others feel is just as important as the results you deliver. Many assume that how they view themselves is how others also view them. This is a mistake. The best way to determine what people think of you is by asking them. This part of the journey can be extremely challenging for some.We live in a world where what others think of us matters. If they think the wrong thing then our feelings get hurt and we struggle to move past that. However, this is an opportunity for you to accept constructive feedback, and work on becoming a better you. Learning how others view you gives you the opportunity to either confirm that your personal brand is represented exactly the way you want it to be or that there are areas open for improvement.

Out of all three elements, you might be surprised to find out that exposure is linked to being the most important key to success. It accounts for 60% of what makes us successful. To get ahead, you have to build relationships with people. As the saying goes, “It’s your network that determines your net-worth.” Take time to build genuine relationships with people, not so that they can do something for you one day, but so that you can do something for them. Always have the mindset of providing value, that is how you will truly leave a mark on people and grow your personal brand. Once you develop these new relationships, do not be so humble that you neglect to share your success. Put a face on your accomplishments because they are yours. Be proud of them!

Understanding the concept of PIE is important for you to grow and live the life that you desire to live. Take a moment to think about how you are currently doing when it comes to your performance, image, and exposure. What element do you think needs the most work? Are you willing to end your life as a spectator and step into the arena?

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About Monica McCoy

Monica McCoy is the Founder of MonicaMotivates, an organization providing coaching, speaking, and consulting services that helps women transition from being spectators with their lives to being active participants inside the arena.

In 2011 Monica McCoy noticed the amount of women struggling to find their passion and purpose. Sparking her to action, she founded MonicaMotivates, providing executive-level speaking, coaching, and consulting services to professional, corporate women and female business owners. Monica initially thought that she wanted to be a cardiologist when going to college, but quickly learned that she wanted to help save lives in a different manner. MonicaMotivates focuses on providing actionable solutions for professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, dream, and goals.