Even in this digital age of global reach and connectivity primed for business success, if you’re an entrepreneur who prefers to work solo with the lone responsibility of getting the work done, you may unwittingly be setting yourself up for increased stress and limited business growth.

The  Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum (GSDC) is a quarterly educational event designed to help women owned and minority businesses get the tools and tactics needed to secure contracts and investors. Being a solopreneur can be good at the beginning of starting a business, but can ultimately turn into challenges that can not only limit real opportunities to scale your business, and add unhealthy stress levels to your life.

Judging pitch competitions all around the world, it is so hard to watch an entrepreneur state that they are a team of one and wear all of the hats in their business. It immediately leads to potential investors not wanting to invest due to a potential high risk of not receiving a return on their investment. It also is makes it much harder to convince Supplier Diversity professionals to award the contract to a business of one since it is a risk of there is not business continuity if the Founder is unable to operate the business.

It can be a beautiful thing to transition out of a job and start your own business, however, trying to grow a business all on your own can be extremely stressful and not making sure you have the right team of people in place to help you strategize and execute effectively so you can grow, may not be the most prudent or profitable success option. This is why our next GSDC event will focus on helping current and aspiring business owners to understand and maneuver the subtleties of the solopreneur trap.

“Overcoming the Solopreneur Trap: Building a High Performance Team to Scale Your Business,” will be keynoted by Lars Minns, Mercedez-Benz USA Head of Human Resources, and includes other dynamic speakers, including Keriann Ferguson, HR Manager with Salesforce, who will be sharing key insights on both the benefits and real challenges of successfully scaling your business.

When I recognized that only a very small percentage of the available $85 billion of investment dollars was going to women and minority-owned businesses, I realized I had to do something to fill that gap. I also realized that to truly make the kind of impact with women and minority-owned businesses that I desired, I was going to need the help of a talented team of people which is why it is critical for me to bring this knowledge to those who are looking to scale immediately.

The GSDC “Overcoming the Solopreneur Trap: Building a High Performance Team to Scale Your Business” event will be held on Thursday, June 27 from 8:30 am to noon at Mercedes Benz USA HQ. For more information, go to bit.ly/gsdc062019. We look forward to welcoming you to MBUSA HQ on June 27th.