Did you know that only 1 in 10 corporate professionals understand the strategy of their organization? This also leads to many leaders facing challenges when trying to secure funding for their respective ideas and projects. Unfortunately, leaders are getting to the table, but are not closing the deal. If an individual does not understand the strategy of the organization that they spend 40 – 60 hours per week, it is hard to expect employees to understand how their work ties to the bottom line, how to increase their influence in the organization, and finally how the secure funding for their respective ideas.

After noticing this trend for many years during my fifteen year career at a Fortune 50 company and a rising executive, I decided to address this problem head on by launching Pitch University for Corporate professionals. When employees do not understand how to secure funding for their ideas, the impact includes inefficient pitching, decreased funding for projects, and decreased business growth and performance.

When attending networking events and you ask individuals about their profession, most individuals provide a job title. This is actually a huge mistake when answering the question. In fact, every corporate leader has a unique value proposition, but many of us have not taken the time to craft our unique value proposition either due to lack of perceived time or being unaware of how critical it is for both short-term and long-term career success as a corporate leader.

Becoming an expert at pitching ideas and programs to senior managers can be a major key to career success and improve overall company performance.  Our team is changing the data one leader at a time by helping corporate professionals create a compelling value proposition for their ideas, increase confidence in delivering the pitch, and using finance skills to increase productivity and value for their respective company.

By adding these skills to your toolbox, you are also able to help your company harness the ideas of associates, nurture and retain engaged associates, grow the bottom line and improve the organizations performance.

Pitching ideas for funding and increased influence as a corporate professional can be intimidating and challenging, which is why most individuals choose not to do it.  By attending Pitch University for Corporate professionals, we offer a safe environment to understand and define your unique value proposition, improve your negotiation skills, increase influence in the organization, and close deals with senior leaders.

There is more funding for projects and career advancement opportunities than ever available for corporate leaders. That means YOU! Let’s get you prepared to secure your piece of it! Let’s get to work!