What Is Your RGM Strategy?

We are excited to continue the journey of our Pivot to Your Purpose Virtual Speaker Series this Thursday at noon EST.   It is so critical to understand Revenue Growth Management whether you are a founder or corporate professional. We are excited to focus on ‘Understanding the Importance of Revenue Growth Management.’  As a leader who has worked with over 2,000 underrepresented founders, it is always very concerning when founders do not understand their numbers or have a sustainable RGM strategy.

We are honored to learn from the phenomenal Nina Johnson.  Nina is the Director of Commercialization, RGM, and Strategy for fairlife, LLC.  Nina has ten years of RGM experience with The Coca-Cola Company. Your only investment is to register by following the link below and attending virtually this Thursday from noon – 1 PM EST.

Register today at  the following link:


Our team is excited to help you understand the components of a RGM strategy as it is so critical to understand the financials of your business!  We look forward to seeing you on June 11th at noon EST as we continue on this journey together.  Continue to take it one step at a time and show yourself grace!  We will see you Thursday!


Monica McCoy
Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC