I recently celebrated three years of full-time entrepreneurship and one of the things that I admire most about founders is their desire to really make a difference with their product or service. I also enjoy hearing their background story. Most founders that I meet were not born entrepreneurs. They tried different paths to perceived success, but had a yearning to listen to the voice of their authentic self. They achieved greatness not by playing it safe, but instead taking a leap of faith.

As someone who majored in psychology and is fascinated by the way that people think, it always breaks my heart when I look at someone and can tell that they are not ‘living their most authentic self.’ Many people think that because someone is successful in the eyes of the world, that they must be genuinely happy. Unfortunately, what I find, is that most people are living someone else’s life. This week we are going to explore Living Your Legend, The Number One Regret People Face on Their Death Bed, and Speaking Life Into Your Future Self.

The Alchemist: Living Your Legend

One of my favorite books that helped propel me into my entrepreneurial journey is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. In this book, the main character is a shepherd that is encouraged to ‘Live His Legend.’ As he embarks on this journey, he runs into so many wise people who offer advice as to why people give up on their dreams. One of those reasons is called a ‘Mysterious Force.’ The ‘mysterious force’ can be replaced with any excuse that people tell themselves as to why they refuse to do what they know they are capable of and live up to their full potential.  It’s because most of us want a safe and predictable life where we feel like we are in control. If it means taking a risk that could take us to land of the unknown, most of us are not willing to explore that path. Unfortunately, this is why most dreams end up in the graveyard.

The Number One Regret People Face On Their Death Bed

Research has shown that the number one regret that individuals have on their death bed when they look back over their life is realizing how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. The great news is that the fact that you are reading this means that you still have time to change this narrative if you are not living your most authentic self. Ask yourself this question: Am I truly living my most authentic self?

Speaking Life Into Your Future Self 

I’m a huge fan of vision boards because I’ve seen the power of the vision coming to life many times. What would you tell your future self about how you are working towards your dream today? Would you tell your future self that you have given up or that you are actively pursuing being your true authentic self both personally and professionally.

I challenge you to write a letter to your future self at futureme.org with a commitment to live your most authentic self. You can send this letter back to yourself as soon as one month or as long as five years from today.  It’s up to you! My desire is that you make a commitment to yourself today.

As a recap, below are your three actions for this week:

1) What ‘Mysterious Force’ has you off track for living your most authentic self?

2) Are you at risk of facing the number one regret that most people encounter on their death bed?

3) Write a letter to your future self at futureme.org.

Reflect on the following quote and take action today:

“You deserve to live your most authentic self.” -Monica Motivates


Monica McCoy

Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC