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Monica McCoy: Personal Branding ~ Love Yourself Without Validation From Others@Livewithirenia show

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In conversation with Monica McCoy, Entrepreneur living in Atlanta, U.S.A.  She is Founder of Monica Motivates, Pitch University, and the Global Supplier Diversity Consortium.  She is also a global speaker, business strategist, executive coach and consultant. Most recently, Monica was the recipient of the 2019 Start Up Atlanta Best Equity Champion. As founder of Monica Motivates, LLC., she helps corporate professionals and entrepreneurs transition from being mere spectators, to pursuing their dreams and becoming active participants in having fulfilling, successful personal and professional lives.  Visit to find out more about the event referenced in the show.

In this episode we discuss the importance of branding; finding your authentic purpose and your true north star; loving yourself without validation;  positioning your company for success as well as all that jazz that makes life so exciting.  There are several mike drops in this episode which is going to just blow you away. You are going to absolutely love this episode.

My mission is to help you find your vibes wherever you may be in your life journey! In life  we have different seasons, highs and lows, this show will help you and hopefully change the trajectory of your life for good! I hope you like what you hear and stay tuned to this dial! #ireniavibes2020
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