Becoming a master at pitching ideas and programs to senior managers and top executives can be a major key to career success. Pitch University for Corporate Professionals is an intensive, interactive educational program originally designed for entrepreneurs that is now changing the trajectory of corporate leaders careers.

When our team originally launched Pitch University, we wanted to change the paradigm for women and minority-owned businesses that receive less than two percent of available investment capital. In order to help these businesses become fully prepared to pursue and obtain investment funds, our team realized that it was critical that they mastered the art of the pitch.

However, in the process of preparing entrepreneurs, our team discovered corporate professionals and executives also requesting Pitch University classes. As a result, the uniquely designed Pitch University for Corporate Professionals covers topics such as how to close deals with senior leaders; understanding and defining your unique value proposition and how to increase influence in your organization.

Having a full grasp on the art of the pitch is critical to taking your career or business to the next level and it was surprising to our team how many people didn’t understand how to pitch. Effective pitching of ideas, programs and businesses can make a significant difference in how fast your career or business grows and those who know how to do it right, get investor funding for their businesses and move up in their careers.

To date, Pitch University, which began in 2018, has trained nearly 1,500 entrepreneurs and executives around the country.   Instructors at Pitch University’s full day program are leading corporate professionals from top Fortune 100 Companies as well as successful business owners.

Our team is excited to have such amazing professionals from top companies, in addition to accomplished entrepreneurs, sharing their extensive knowledge with participants in this specially designed Pitch University for Corporate Professionals. We fully believe participants leave the session ready to take on any corporate pitching challenge they may face afterwards.

At a recent Reverse Pitch Day for The Coca-Cola Women In Tech, of the twenty participants, two corporate leaders leveraged their new strategic tools to achieve a promotion within their respective organization and five were able to successfully negotiate a short term developmental assignment. Our next class will be held on August 15th in Atlanta, GA. Applications are now be accepted at Are you ready to pitch?