We are already more than halfway through Q1 of 2020. Corporations and entrepreneurs are assessing year to date results to see if they are on track or off track for meeting their Q1 goals. They are revisiting their annual business plans to ensure that they have a solid strategy to meet their business goals.

Today, we’re going to turn the mirror on you. We have spent the first six weeks of the year preparing our mindset to follow our purpose. Now we are going to take time to actually put together a plan to follow our purpose. This week we will execute three simple actions to building your strategic plan.

What Is Your Vision?

When putting together a solid plan, you first want to start with knowing where you are going before you jump into the details of how you are going to get there. When it comes to your vision for your following your authentic purpose, I don’t want you to second guess yourself during this phase. Dream big and write down what you believe is your true ‘north star.’ Remember, this is your time to invest in your dream and purpose. My vision is to help change the data, one founder at a time, for women and underrepresented founders via impactful programming, curriculum and strategic partnerships. Now, it’s your turn.

What One Thing Do You Want To Accomplish This Month?

Now that you know what your vision is, let’s put a plan in place to accomplish one thing to work on towards that vision. I am only having you focus on one thing because most people become overwhelmed if they try to focus on the multiple items that need to happen to bring the vision to life. This could be reading a book that helps you define your purpose more clearly, having lunch with someone already walking in their authentic purpose, or potentially taking time to do research. The key is to write it down and do it!

Write a Contract To Yourself

One of the most disappointing things I’ve observed is how easily we quit on ourselves before we even get started. We are beginning with baby steps this week to accomplish executing your strategic plan. Before we move forward to additional tactics next week, I want you to write and sign a contract with yourself. The contract should state the following: I, (insert your name), agree to build and execute my strategic plan beginning today. My vision is _________________. The one thing that I’m going to accomplish over the next thirty days is __________________.  Make sure you now sign and date your contract! Hang it up in a place that you see it everyday.

As a recap, here is your homework for this week:

1) Write out your vision

2) Write down the one thing you are going to accomplish this over the next thirty days

3) Write out and sign your contract to yourself

Cheers to Building,

Monica McCoy

2019 Startup Atlanta Equity Champion

Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC