The Last Dance:  Embracing a Championship Mindset

As we continue on this journey of enjoying this time of stillness, I encourage you to continue to take time to journal and reflect.  I rarely watch television unless it is one of my favorite teams playing, but I made an exception this week to watch part one of  Michael Jordan’s (MJ) The Last Dance.  I left beyond inspired.

One of the traits that I immediately recognized about MJ is his commitment to having a championship mindset.  As we continue our discussion on pivoting to your purpose, I want you to examine some of the themes of operating from a championship mindset.

One of the first things that we observe about operating from a championship mindset is knowing that it means walking away from what everyone considers normal and acceptable.  During his rookie season, MJ focused on becoming a better basketball player instead of putting in ‘just enough’ effort like those around him.  It’s easy to spend our days complaining and focusing on everything that is going wrong, but I encourage you to leave behind what has been comfortable for you before our ‘new normal’ and to take this time to develop some new habits that stretch you outside of your comfort zone.  This could mean  taking time to develop a new fitness routine, spending time being present with your family, or potentially taking a new e-course that adds an additional skill to your toolbox.

Next, it is critical to remember that you are going to have major disappointments in life.  The key is how you respond to the disappointments.  MJ was cut from his basketball team as a teenager.  Instead of him giving up, he worked harder over the summer and eventually made the team.  How many of you would have given up after this moment of adversity?  Right now, there is a global pandemic that we are all experiencing simultaneously.  Some of you may be out of work currently or have experienced a significant downturn with your business.  The key at this point is to decide how you are going to respond at this pivotal moment.  Will you see the silver lining and pivot to to your purpose or will you complain each day without attempting to come up with a solution?    I encourage you to keep moving forward one step at a time and embrace a championship mindset to pivot to your purpose.

The final lesson from part one of the MJ documentary is that no one becomes successful by themselves. MJ stated that Scottie Pippen was his best teammate of all time.  Although Michael was the star of the team, he and the Chicago Bulls organization would not have won all of the championships without Scottie Pippen.  Today, I challenge you to examine your inner circle.  Do you have a strong inner circle or is your inner circle holding you back?  Make sure that the individuals around you are adding value and not keeping you from following your dream.  Who are the people that have your back and realize that there is so much more growth by working together?

Next Friday, our team is excited to launch our ‘Pivot to Your Purpose’ virtual series where we will continue the discussion on Championship Mindset.  We are thrilled with the response so far and are inviting you and your team to join us virtually as we kick off the ‘Pivot to Your Purpose’ series with Professional Champion Golfer, Alexis Belton.  This series is for both founders and corporate professionals looking to navigate their new normal from a both a professional development and mental health perspective.

Alexis Belton is from the charming small town of Ruston, Louisiana. Belton grew up as an all-around athlete, thriving in a host of sports including gymnastics, basketball, and golf. Throughout her childhood Alexis thrived in basketball, yet as a high school junior, she discontinued her basketball journey to focus on her most loved sport – golf.

Alexis played college golf at Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) where she not only won the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship and claimed the National title in 2013, but also thrived in her studies and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications.

After college, Alexis continued her golf career momentum becoming the assistant women’s golf coach at TWU for one season. After developing her skills in teaching and coaching the game of golf, Alexis pursued her dream of playing golf at the highest level.

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Here is your homework for this week:


Our team is excited to help you navigate successfully to embracing a championship mindset.  We look forward to seeing you on April 30th at noon as we continue on this journey together.   Continue to take it one step at a time and show yourself grace!  We will see you next week!
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