It’s Time to Let Go of Your Timeline

Last Thursday, we officially kicked off our ‘Pivot to Your Purpose’ virtual speaker series featuring the phenomenal Alexis Belton.  Alexis dropped so many gems that I had to take time after the session to digest all of the great insights.  One of my favorite insights was to “let go of our timelines.”  This time of stillness is causing many of us to be forced to slow down and stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  Let’s do a deeper dive into what it means to let go our timelines.

Enjoy The Journey While Being Patient 

Are you taking time to enjoy this journey where you are being forced to slow down and to be patient with yourself?  Many of us have asked for additional time to explore a new hobby, create a business plan, or think about what we truly want to do with our careers.  Personally, we are now able to slow down and reflect on things that we previously have not been able to do.  Before the global pandemic, many of us were making decisions so quickly and moving from one accomplishment to another without taking time to truly see if it had a significant impact.

Are You Examining The Data Points To Make Decisions?

The beautiful thing about a puzzle is putting the pieces together one piece at a time to be able to see the entire picture.  As we continue on our journey of ‘pivoting to our purpose,’ I want you to think about some of the puzzle pieces that you have been ignoring.  Are you someone who makes decisions strictly on feelings or do you examine data to determine how to best proceed forward?  If you don’t use data points to drive your personal and business decisions, I suggest that you start looking inward and taking time to reflect on what has been working for you as you make this shift to walking in your purpose.

I am constantly looking at the strategy for our organization and the scorecard to see where we need to start new initiatives to drive momentum, stop initiatives, or pivot in a new direction.  The critical point that I’ve learned the hard way is that good data can be your best friend and help drive business decisions and/or pivotal career decisions.

To keep our momentum going during this time of stillness, I’m excited to announce that I’ve invited the Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Dr. Charles Thomas, to join us on Thursday, May 7th to discuss Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Decisions.  This discussion is relevant for both corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.  Your investment to attend is only showing up virtually on May 7th at noon EST and completing the registration at the link below where you can also read Charles’ bio.

Here is your homework for this week:

Our team is excited to help you do a deeper dive with predictive analytics this Thursday.  We look forward to seeing you on May 7th at noon EST as we continue on this journey together.   Continue to take it one step at a time and show yourself grace!  We will see you Thursday!