This Too Shall Pass

It’s the beginning of Q2 and many of us are still adjusting to our ‘new normal.’  We recently spent time discussing the gift of being patient with ourselves.  This week, I want you to remember that this too shall pass.  I want you to think about a challenging time in your life. While you were going through that season, it appeared impossible that you were going to be able to continue to dig deep to see the beauty and light on the other side.

As we continue our global change management journey, I want each of you to understand that you are strong and have a gift called perseverance. Although the media reports are grim and we don’t know exactly how long our ‘new normal’ will last, the one gift that we all collectively know is that this too shall pass.

As we continue on this global change management experience together, I want you to think about the importance of developing a plan to help you adjust to your new normal and come out a better leader and person on the other side.  What are the actions that you need to take today to help you and your organization succeed?  For the business owner, it may be that you need to pivot with your strategy and become more agile with your offerings to connect with your customer in their new normal.  For the working professional that is used to going into the office each day, it may mean that you need to learn to communicate more effectively.

Once you determine the actions, it is critical to measure and monitor if your plan is working by developing key success milestones.  The first milestone for the founder reading this might be to look at your annual business plan and document where changes need to be made and where opportunities have opened for you to develop additional revenue streams.  For the working professional, the first milestone may be to complete a major collaborative project with all of the work being done cross-functionally and remotely.

After taking time to develop a plan and take actions against the plan, I finally want you to document 90 days of objectives for your ‘new normal.’  I don’t want you to feel like you have thrown away your momentum for the first quarter, but now is the time to give yourself quantifiable objectives to redirect yourself over the next 90 days.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to make them perfect.  Just grab a sheet of paper and write the months April, May, and June.  Write down at least one new objective that you need to accomplish each month.  Don’t write any more than three per month.  The minimum requirement is one per month.

Next week we will go deeper on your plan development.  In the meanwhile, take time to express gratitude for the moments of beauty that you are experiencing including being able to spend time learning more about yourself, enjoying quality time with your immediate family, developing yourself personally and professionally, and growing stronger in your faith. Breathe!  This too shall pass and you’re going to come out on the other side stronger and better than before.

Here is your homework for this week:

  • When is the last time that you had a challenging season in your life?  How did you manage to come through it successfully?
  • What is your current plan for your business or career?
  • What are your success milestones?
  • Write out a 90 day plan documenting one objective that you need to accomplish each month.

If you need assistance from our team, we are here for you.   Click the button below to complete a brief questionnaire.  Remember, you have the gift of perseverance…



I am Ready to Do my 90 Day Plan