Our Customers Are Demanding that We Listen

We are excited to continue the journey of our Pivot to Your Purpose Virtual Speaker Series this Thursday at noon EST.  Now, more than ever, it is critical that we listen to our customers voice.  The solutions we provided our customers pre-Covid are not the same that many of them need currently.  Have you taken time to do interviews with your current customers and/or research their new needs in this time of global change management?  For my corporate professionals, have you checked in with your internal and external stakeholders?

We are honored to welcome Dr. Mark Berry from Southern Company  to speak to our community about integrating customer discovery and research into your business goals.  Mark currently serves as Vice President of Research & Development for Southern Company Services and Vice President of Environmental & Natural Resources for Georgia Power. Mark has 25 years of electric utility experience. Previously he served as a Director in the Generation Sector at EPRI and as a Director at Southern Research. Mark began his utility career as a research analyst at Southern Company. He is a former military officer and holds a terminal degree in interdisciplinary engineering in addition to degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics and management. Mark is a licensed professional engineer.

Our team is excited to see you on Thursday, July 9th at noon EST.

Finally, we are also excited to begin offering you bonus gifts this quarter.  Our first gift to you is access to The Leaders Circle Podcast with Kim A. Smith.  This podcast was created to give voice to the authentic challenges trailblazers face on their journey to success. Join me in the Circle  for Episode 1 – Coaching Employees Through Crisis. It is truly an honor to be the inaugural guest! Be sure to subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts today.



Monica McCoy
Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC