Sakeena Rose, Founder of Rose Bling

Monica Motivates was created by founder Monica McCoy to help women, Black and Latinx, and underrepresented founders gain critical access to capital and successfully launch their dreams.

Recently, Monica Motivates had the opportunity to ask Rose to share more about her journey as a founder.

Sakeena Rose, Founder of Rose BlingIn a few sentences, tell us a little about your business — the clients you serve and the services you provide.

I am an entrepreneur. I sell faux mink strip lashes. I am starting out small by doing in person orders and learning on the way the advantage of working for yourself. I sell beautiful, boxed lashes for ten and five dollars per set. I have different types and keep up with the trend of the market.

Describe the moment you decided to start your business and what was the inspiration behind it?

I found something I enjoy doing and I believe it can be a positive influence on my life and others.

All great businesses, at their core, are providing solutions to life’s challenges. What challenges does your business aim to solve for your customers/clients?

I provide convenience for my customers with my in-person response to purchases which helps people get quality for ease. My lashes provide my customers with a beautiful way to enhance their eyes for a professional or everyday look.

What does being a founder/entrepreneur mean to you?

I am excited for the experience of learning how to use my skills to improve the lives of women who, like me, are handling their business while still making sure to keep up with their self-care.

We know that founders of color face a number of challenges in not only creating but successfully operating their own business. As efforts are made nationally and globally to address racial inequity across industries, what role do you believe founders of color can have?

As a founder and woman of color, I face numerous challenges with building my business. I believe consistency and patience are key to my success. Staying active in marketing your business and finding a way to explore opportunities is important. Looking for funding and preparing your business for growth whether sole proprietorship or LLC is also important. Keep going to get to your goal. I think that’s our role in this industry.

Is there a founder of color, historically or present day, who inspires you? And why?

I have no one in particular, but I look for inspiration in any ambitious businesswomen I meet. I look to those that fight against challenges and still become successful. If I could name one woman, I guess it would be Pamela Winn. She is an activist and nonprofit owner.  She is from Atlanta where I was raised, and I can relate to her a lot. She is extremely successful, humble, and inspiring.

What’s your one piece of advice to someone who dreams of becoming a founder/entrepreneur?

No matter how tough it looks keep going. It’s about you and your goals.

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