The Legacy of George Floyd Continues

As the founder of a social impact organization for underrepresented communities, I am deeply disturbed by the horrific footage of George Floyd begging for his life and ending up with his life taken right before our eyes.

As a Black Founder, mother to a Black son, and champion for equality, I will continue to use my voice and platform to take action to stop the killing of those whose voices are muted in the most inhumane way. George Floyd represents countless cases that we will never know about of innocent people being killed because of the color of their skin.

We ask that those who do not know the pain of watching senseless murders of innocent people in your community over and over again to not sit on the sidelines, but instead to join the movement for change. These are innocent lives that have loved ones left heartbroken, dreams that will never be realized, and voices that are silenced permanently.

Please make your voice heard and unite with those who are working everyday to fix a system that turns its eyes to the deaths of our countless innocent Black men and women. My heart breaks for the collective pain and grief that is being experienced by our nation.

What gives me hope is that we will come out of this better and stronger as those hoping to silence George Floyd have only made his voice much louder with the countless leaders that are committed to making an impact. I continue to pray for the healing our nation. Use your voice and actions to be the change.

Be The Change,


Monica McCoy
Founder, Monica Motivates, LLC