Take Stock and Share Results with a September Reboot

Take Stock and Share Results with a September RebootAs vacations come to a close, kids go back to school and workplaces return to more typical routines, September can often feel like a second chance at the start of a new year. Such transitions provide a feeling of “then” and “now” that make them a natural time to take stock of how you and your business are doing, and changes you might consider moving forward.

By cataloging your recent accomplishments, you will also be better positioned to raise the profile of your business among key audiences and develop a gameplan to reach even higher as you close out the year.

A great way to revitalize your goal-setting process is by attending the Global Supplier Diversity Conference (GSDC) September 23, 2021 streaming live to your location. The full-day program is offered with complimentary registration for women and underrepresented founders and will provide critical information from amazing speakers such as senior executives from Microsoft, GSK Consumer Healthcare, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Atlanta Hawks, successful entrepreneurs and many others.

Sharing the big impact of small business

Small businesses have both global and local impact. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses generated 65% of net new job creation between 2000 and 2017 and make up more than one-third of U.S. exporting value. JPMorgan Chase reports that more than 99% of American firms are small businesses and that 88% of employer firms have fewer than 20 team members.

The 2018 AMEX Small Business Economic Impact Study found that about 67% of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the local economy. At the same time, small businesses are critical to the success of large companies, serving as vendors, customers and partners to corporate America. Stakeholders need to know how your business is making a difference.

Sing your own praises

Just as employees in a large organization must highlight their accomplishments as they strive to advance, as an entrepreneur, you need creative ways to highlight expanding capabilities and recent successes to capture the attention of current (and future) customers. Here are some solid strategies for tooting your own horn in ways that engage without overdoing it.

  • Put the focus on your team members. It’s much easier (and more appealing) when you brag about someone else’s accomplishments. It is especially effective when you can highlight new skills and capabilities your team offers, as well as impressive accomplishments with high-profile customers.
  • Thank your customers. When you make genuine gratitude for past business part of your promotion strategy, it gives customers a reason to remember you and to talk about you. The same goes for featuring them in your social media feed and advertising efforts. By highlighting something you have accomplished together, you can promote your business and your customer.
  • Concentrate on your community. When you support local schools, clubs and civic organizations, you demonstrate the productive role small businesses play in the community. With messaging that offers praise for local improvements and accomplishments, you can position your contributions as a key part of building a stronger community and your business as part of the local success story.
  • Share your passion. People who are genuinely excited about what they do are hard to resist. Especially when communicating in person, this is your chance to let your infectious enthusiasm for what you do spread to others. We all love to buy from people who are not only really good at what they do, but who really care about it and will go out of their way to ensure customers are satisfied.
  • Spread the news and your impact. Develop a few strong messaging points that enable you to tell the story of the impact that small businesses, like yours, have on the local economy. When you place your story within a larger context, you can help elevate all small businesses, including your own, in the public eye.

GSDC - Global Supplier Diversity Conference

Whether it’s in person, on your website, via social media or even in print, there are numerous ways to promote the value of your business to your customers and community without making yourself into a walking advertisement. The key is to focus on how what you do helps others.

You can learn more about how your business can meet the specific needs of large companies seeking new supplier relationships when you REGISTER for  the Global Supplier Diversity Conference (GSDC) streaming live September 23, 2021.