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Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Decisions
Featuring Dr. Charles Thomas and Recap

Thank you again for joining us today!  Below is a recap of the key strategies that Charles shared with us.Dr. Charles Thomas Top 10 Recap

Why Analytics?  The Opportunity
  • What got you here won’t get you there
  • You must have a vision for your career or business
  • Talk about the value that your business delivers
  • The pandemic is a great time to rethink your career or pivot in your business.
You’re Always Next
  • Barber Example – $50K customer vs. $200 customer
  • It is important to know your customers and know their value
  • You must double down on customers that are more valuable
  • “Better customers expect and deserve better treatment”
  • Stop wasting your time with people who do not bring any value
Operational Excellence
Alicia Keyes CRM Example Overview
  • Know Whose There
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Flattery
  • VIP Only Events
  • Close the Deal
Think Like An Analyst
  • Revenue – Cost to Service x Survival = Expected Lifetime Value
  • Examine your whales vs. repeat customers
  • Where do you have leaks in the bucket for your Life Cycle Management?
Things Important to Do
  • Know your audience
  • Be prepared to ask at least one good question
  • Demonstrate Learning Agility
Three Critical Things to Be:
  • Be Bold
  • Be Brilliant
  • Be Brief
Learn How to Pivot
  • Know what’s hot and on the horizon
  • Ability to demonstrate agility is keys
What’s important in light of Covid-19?
  • As the Employee
    • Continue to know your value and make others aware
    • Stay engaged
    • Always be networking as a safety net
    • Get to know company policies
  • As the Entrepreneur
    • Depends on your business
    • Evaluate what can you can do differently / better to meet your customer needs / make sales
    • Rethink what’s next / how: once in a lifetime opportunity right now to rethink
    • Don’t view this time during Covid-19 as negative
Book recommendation
Here are your four action items to keep the momentum going:
Our team is excited to help you continue on your journey to successfully navigate during our new normal.  Embrace the following quote that Charles shared with us:  “If you go back to doing business the same way you did business, you have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.” -Dr. Charles Thomas   We will see you next week!